Carpet Cleaning Without Soap

Carpet Cleaning without soap!

A big part of the CitruSolution methodology is that we never use sticky, soapy products in your carpets. Many people ask us how carpets are effectively cleaned without the use of the most commonly used cleaners available (soaps). Most folks think that soaping and rinsing a dirty surface is the only way in which stains and dirt are effectively removed. I have to admit, at first it was hard for me to understand as well.

Utilizing soaps around the house is not only a cultural norm, but in most situations, soap is the best thing to clean something! Dishes, clothes and skin are all effectively cleaned with the surfactant (soap) method. Molecules of soap products surround to molecules of grease oil and dirt on a surface, and decrease the ability for those greases, oils and dirt to “hold on” to the surface. This allows them to be effectively washed away. Therein lies the problem with this method. The key to this process is that the molecules of soap MUST be washed away, and unfortunately when using these products in a carpet cleaning process, it often makes the problem worse!

Any failure to completely remove the soapy suspension results in the soap (and dirt) staying behind in the carpets you thought were clean! The fun fact that I like to use is that even professional carpet cleaners only remove roughly 70% of what they put in your carpet. There could be gallons of liquid soap in your carpets when they’re done. These soap molecules remain behind after drying, and although your carpet may seem clean at first, those molecules of soap are waiting in the wings to help your carpets re-soil faster than they would have before! One of our company slogans is, “If you think soap is good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, don’t rinse all the way and see how that works.”

At CitruSolution we use a non-soap solution that is the answer to this problem. Our proprietary solution dissolves greases and oils on contact, neutralizing the unwanted substances, leaving you carpets clean and free of re-soiling residue. Our product is an environmentally focused, non-toxic mix of naturally occurring cleaning agents that are designed to gently and effectively clean your carpets. Our process ensures that the spots you were sure would keep coming back, never do. CitruSolution Cleans better, dries faster, stays clean longer, and it smells GREAT!

In order to see this process in action, check out this video on our YouTube page. The high traffic area in our customer’s carpet was the result of years worth of grease, oil, and soaps built up in the carpet, creating a dark, soiled mess.



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-Forrest Christian

Owner: CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Orlando


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