If you have questions about which carpet cleaning company is right for you, or about professional carpet cleaning in general, check out our frequently asked questions below. If you want to know more, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help!

Why should I have regular carpet cleaning?

Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, where pollutants may be at levels 200% to 500% higher than outdoors, even in cities with a lot of air pollution. The EPA lists indoor air quality (IAQ) as the 4th largest environmental threat to our country.

Dust mites in particular affect indoor air quality. Although they are invisible to the eye, dust mites live off the gunk that sinks down into the carpet. Every time someone walks across the carpet, dust mites and pollutants are released into the air.

Pollutants can stay airborne for an hour or more, so that the average home will always have these particulate in the air. This is especially harmful to those with allergies. This is why we believe carpet cleaning is foremost a health issue, secondarily an appearance issue.

When your carpets are cleaned using CitruSolution®, they don’t just look good. Our cleaner contains d-Limonene, a naturally occurring citrus product extracted from the peels of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. D-Limonene has been proven to destroy dust mites and other common allergens that can cause respiratory problems.

How should I get rid of dust mites?

Major universities, health organizations, and the EPA warn us against the harmful effects of exposure to dust mites and their allergens. Dust mites have a significant role in many asthma cases, and may contribute to hay fever and various other allergic ailments.

There are many steps we can all take to help eliminate dust mites, and make our homes healthier places to live.

  • Vacuum often! We can’t stress this enough. When you vacuum your carpets you remove live and dead dust mites, as well as their source of nourishment: dead skin.
  • Reduce the humidity in your home. Dust mites cannot drink, so they can only live in humidity higher than 50%, and thrive in humidity over 70%.
  • Clean your bed linens often – in hot water – at least once a week.
  • Vacuum your kitchen and hard surface floors at least once a week.
  • Clean your carpets! CitruSolution® is a natural anti-allergen. Our solution contains d-Limonene, a naturally occurring extract of citrus peels. d-Limonene has been proven to destroy dust mites and many other common allergens that cause respiratory distress.

Of all the carpet cleaners in Orlando, why should I choose CitruSolution?

Our process is a cleaner, healthier, and overall more effective way to clean and protect your carpet. Our CitruSolution® is combined with an antimicrobial to provide a natural way to provide allergy relief, reduce mildew, and fight dust mites. We are effective against all manner of stains and carpet wear, and we don’t leave your carpet soapy, sticky, or laden with chemicals. Add that to our guarantee to NEVER add hidden fees or charges, and that’s why we are the most trusted carpet cleaning company in Orlando, FL.

Why is CitruSolution® of Orlando the best choice for cleaning pet stains?

We love our pets, but they don’t always share our appreciation of clean carpets. Our powerful dry cleaning fluid process with antimicrobial solution eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs. It also leaves your carpets smelling citrusy fresh, and eliminates urine smells and deters pets from repeat accidents. Of course, carpets need attention, just like your pets. That’s why between our recommended 2x/year visits be sure to vacuum 2-3 times a week and regularly empty your vacuum bag. If your pet has an accident in need of immediate attention, spot clean your carpet with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Allow the area to dry and then finish with our CitruSpotter Carpet Stain Remover, free every time your favorite Orlando carpet cleaner comes to the rescue.

Why do the spots in my carpet keep coming back?

Spots reappearing typically are caused by one of a couple culprits. Either something sticky on your carpet is attracting debris and dirt, usually an off-the-shelf foamy or soapy spot cleaner. Resurfacing spots could also be caused by the soapy carpet cleaning products used by our competitors. They might even use extra soap to try and remove the stain, which ultimately only makes the problem worse. They also use tons of water, which helps wick up stains buried in your carpet. Though it rarely happens, if a stubborn spot returns after we’ve left, you can just remove it with the bottle of CitruSolution we leave at every visit.

I plan on staying in Florida for a long time. How do I extend the life of my carpet?

Vacuuming once or twice a week is the first step. Vacuums help remove abrasive debris in your carpet that can wear down your fibers, causing undue wear and tear. You should also consider ditching soapy household spot cleaners in favor of our CitruSpotter, which we leave behind for free with every visit.

We also recommend that you avoid traditional steam cleaning, which is like shampooing your hair without rinsing out the soap. We use a dry cleaning fluid process, to reduce mildew-causing moisture. Additionally, the product and technique that we use is powered by d-limonene, the environmentally sound solvent that is made from actual citrus rinds. There’s no better option than our formula when it comes to cleaning and degreasing. Plus, nothing smells so fresh!

Do you move furniture when you come to clean my carpet?

We request that you please move everything in an area you want cleaned. It’s a liability for us to move your property, though we are more than happy to help move a few items if you need a hand. We recommend moving items to a room not being cleaned, like a kitchen.

Why is there a dark area along my baseboards and closet doors?

This condition, known as “air infiltration” is caused by your carpet literally filtering the dirt out of the air in your house. Sealing your air ducts or installing air filters should reduce this dark area.

What’s the best spot cleaner I can get at the store?

Skip the expensive products! You’re just paying for advertising and more soap- or bleach-based formulas that can make the problem worse. If you don’t have any of our CitruSpotter on hand, mix up a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. If you still need help, give us a call and we’d be happy to offer you some more specific advice.