Carpet Saving Tip!

Carpet Saving Tip!

We wanted to quickly touch on a tip that can really help you in a pinch. If you happen to spill something on your carpets, (or your dog decides it’s time for a bathroom break) and you don’t have the ability to clean it yourself, there is an option to keep your carpet from being permanently damaged while you contact somebody who can get it back to normal. (Like us!).

Step 1. Place a damp (not soaking wet) towel over the affected area.
Step 2. Put plastic over the damp towel.
Step 3. Put another damp towel on top of the plastic bag.
Step 4. Re-wet as necessary.

Step 5. Call CitruSolution!

Check out the video:

For more details on what you should expect from a carpet cleaner, check out the IICRC website, and check out our other blog posts for more tips!

Until next time…

Stay fresh and clean!

Forrest Christian
Owner- CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Orlando
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