Doggy Disaster – Pet Spot Cleaner

Pet Spot Cleaner – CitruSolution and the Doggy Disaster!

Today we wanted to focus on a few tips for those of you who own pets, because even the best trained pooch or kitty can have an unfortunate accident. What you may not know about the example picture below is that the customer tried to clean this horrible disaster using cheap, soapy carpet products. The circular spots you see are from a “spot-bot”, a common (and ineffective) spot treatment machine. Unfortunately for the average consumer, the commercially available carpet cleaning products or pet spot cleaners on the market today simply don’t work. Here’s why:

1. Most store bought carpet products are soap-based cleaning solutions that require a thorough rinse, which most people cannot accomplish to the degree that is necessary. This will leave behind a sticky, soapy residue that attracts MORE dirt! Even if you have a “spot machine” the amount of water, and suction required to thoroughly rinse a spot after treatment simply isn’t present in these machines.
2. Store bought carpet products contain phosphates, which are prone to browning, and actually help SET pet stains and make them permenant! (Think avocado left in the fridge overnight).

Don’t fall for the false claims these products sellers make! In the absence of your complimentary bottle of CitruSolution spot cleaner (which every customer recieves at the conclusion of their service), the absolute best thing you can use to clean a dirty carpet (or pet spot) is 50%-50% vinegar and water. It may smell strong, but it won’t cause the aforementioned lasting (negative) effects.


If you would like more information about pet spot treatment or if you would like to get your carpets professionally cleaned, give us a call. We offer pet spot treatment at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

pet spot treatment

Doggy Disaster – Pet Spot Cleaner

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