Dry Carpet Cleaning- Don’t tattoo your carpet!

Human skin has 3 main layers, much like carpet! The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. Much like carpet, skin can become dirty, and may be washed. Other types of contaminates, (like the ink tattoos for example) cannot be washed away, no matter how hard you scrub. This is because when you receive a tattoo, the artist is purposefully pushing ink down to the lower levels of your dermis, under the layer of skin that can be cleaned. This is surprisingly similar to carpet, and why we recommend dry carpet cleaning.

Why Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Take a look at the carpet cross section below:

Carpet Anatomy - Dry Cleaning Carpet

Carpet Anatomy – Dry Cleaning Carpet

The three main layers of carpet are the Carpet Fibers and Backing, Carpet Pad, and Carpet Subfloor. Much like skin, carpet can be cleaned on it’s top layer. Unfortunately, it cannot be cleaned effectively (if at all) in the pad or subfloor.

This analogy is especially important when considering the certain types of cleaning techniques used to clean carpets. We at CitruSolution focus our attention on cleaning your carpets, without tattooing them! What does this mean?

When your carpets receive a traditional steam cleaning or “carpet shampoo”, the technicians in your home attempt to remove the greasy, oily, sticky soils that make a carpet dirty. There is, however an unfortunate side-effect of this process. This process requires so much hot water and steam that often stains and spots are forced down into the carpet, much like a tattoo gun working ink into skin. This is an especially disturbing fact, because although your carpets may seem clean for a time, contaminates that have been pushed down into the carpet pad or subfloor will return through a process called ‘wicking’.

Much like the flame of a candle pulling wax up through the wick, clean carpet fibers “wick up” contaminates that have been pushed down into the pad and subfloor. Depending on the process used on the carpet, these stains may come out eventually, or they may never come out at all!

Low-moisture Means Cleaner Carpets

At CitruSolution, we use a low-moisture process that cleans without leaving a sticky, foamy, re-soiling mess in your carpet. Our goal is to ‘neutralize‘ and ‘dissolve‘ the contaminates that exist on the top layers of your carpet without forcing them to migrate down into your pad or subfloor.

That’s why nobody can clean carpets better than CitruSolution!

I hope this analogy was effective. As always, feel free to contact us at any time for a free, exact quote on your next carpet cleaning.

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Forrest Christian
Owner- CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Orlando

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