When should you consider carpet replacement?

Carpet cleaning is a great option for most people looking to keep their homes clean, healthy, and allergen free. Unfortunately, at a certain point, no amount of cleaning, deodorizing or disinfecting will change the look, feel, and composition of your carpets, and replacement may need to be an option. This last week I was in … Continued

Diva ClothesXchange

Diva ClothesXchange & Ladies Network I just wanted to do a quick blog post here today and drop a quick THANK YOU, to the┬áDiva ClothesXchange & Ladies Network! I have been welcomed with open arms into this fantastic organization (despite being a man) and I really appreciate everything they do for me! I also want … Continued

Interesting Carpet Facts

Carpet. Who cares right? Most people don’t think about their carpets that often, and that’s ok. I wouldn’t expect them to. As┬ásomebody who makes their living cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing them, I do! I do lots and lots of research learning about the different types, colors, advantages, disadvantages, anatomy and installation of carpets. While it … Continued